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Introducing the first ever AI moderation bot on Discord

Alexander Gee
September 27, 2021

Oterlu is today officially launching the first ever AI moderation bot on Discord. This AI moderation bot will allow Discord moderators to manage their community at scale and gain insights into how their community is doing. It was developed over the spring and summer 2021 with continuous feedback from the team at Sharkmob who are using it on their Discord server for the popular game Bloodhunt.

AI flagging and analytics

The Oterlu bot can flag content such as abusive behaviour, profanity, and Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content in text chats using its state-of-the-art AI. It then reports this to the moderators for reviewing in a separate channel so that the moderator can easily determine if there are any violations against the community guidelines. 

This becomes essential when you have a larger server with 1000’s of messages or if you aren’t moderating your server 24/7. The bot also provides weekly trends on, for example, how many abusive messages are appearing on a channel.

Today, the Swedish game studios Fatshark, makers of Vermintide, and Hiber are using the Oterlu bot on their Discord servers. 

“Oterlu bot has made moderation on Discord much easier and more efficient for us” - Aleksander, Hiber Community Manager

Free for all

Oterlu is opening up this bot as free for every Discord moderator to add to their server. For more info about getting started with the bot check out: and if you want to speak to the team join our Discord server.

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