About us

An AI and social first company

We aim to make everyone feel welcome online. We combine multiple years of experience from the areas of Community Management, Trust and Safety and Machine Learning to achieve this.

Privacy and BIAS

Privacy first and mitigating bias

Machine Learning models do not need to know your name and number. We build anonymisation algorithms that remove any personal information that is used in our machine learning models.

We also actively work to remove bias from our algorithms in collaboration with our customers, using both a better understanding of the community and latest technical techniques. Watch our talk on how this is done.


Together we achieve more

We believe that only through collaboration can we achieve real change in tackling abusive behaviour online and make everyone feel welcome. We are therefore both active and certified with organisations that push both social issues and technological boundaries.


Meet the team


Making sure the cogs keep on running. Multiple years of experience working on both machine learning and infrastructure. Started off simulating crashes with RNNs.

Alexander (CEO & CO-FOUNDER)

Knows a thing or two about Trust and Safety. Led and worked with teams @ Google for 8 years within Trust and Safety. Has worked on areas such as Child Safety and Hatespeech.

Sebastian (Co-FOUNDER)

Corp hacker and Startup ninja. Having worked within large conglomerates and startups, Sebastian can build massive infra and a transformer model all in one day.


Kiki has killer frontend chops and is fearless in jumping into and learning about new areas. On top of that she also packs some hefty NLP AI punches.

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