Detect toxicity on your Discord server

Use sophisticated AI technology to help moderators find any threatening or offensive content and keep your community healthy. A tool that immediately reports and logs unwanted behaviour as it is happening.


Customize your bot

Currently the Oterlu Bot can detect three different behaviours. The reported messages will be posted to a private logs channel so you can take action as you see fit.

Toxicity - Abusive behaviour towards other users (Default)
Profanity - General swearing and profane language (Optional)
NSFW - Users engaging in NSFW behaviour such as sexting (Optional)


No more keyword lists

The Oterlu Bot can detect abusive behaviour in nuanced ways. Not all swearing is abusive and a toxic person doesn’t need to swear to be toxic.


Get server insights

Generate reports on what abuse is happening on your server and who is causing the most disruption.

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Help getting started

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