How it works

Capturing unwanted behavior on your platform.

Your own custom AI model

Our AI model is easy to customize to fit exactly your community and your policies. You have full control over what behaviour is acceptable and what is not on your platform.

Take targeted action

Our web tool empowers you to move from a reactive workflow to being proactive in your day-to-day work. We provide you with analytics distilled to actionable insights.

Expert consultation

Through our industry expertise from the likes of Google we provide you with expert guidance on how our service can bring the maximal benefit to your community.

Why your company should use Oterlu

We could go on and on about why you should use our service. But, rather we'd have you read a story from one of our customers, Recolor, on how they utilise our service.

Read Recolor's case study
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Seeing is Believing

Schedule your quick introductory call with one of our experts and we’ll show you how Oterlu is empowering hundreds of online communities to improve retention of users and bringing new users to their platforms.

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