Helping you create a healthy and thriving online community using machine learning.

AI Classification

We can automatically detect different types of user behaviour. Understand if you lost a new user because they had a negative experience with another user.


We can provide an overall view of what is going on in your online community through AI. Learn if there are groups of users creating positive or negative experiences for other users.

Automated Action

We help you take relevant and scalable action in an automated manner. We help you encourage positive behaviour and find ways of dealing with the negative behaviour through out your platform.

We are running a limited beta for game and social platforms,

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Who are we?


Co-founder and backender. Multiple years of experience working with machine learning and NLP at Stena IT. Background in software engineering.


CEO, co-founder and data wrangler. 8 years of experience at Google as manager and conducting large scale data analysis in abuse. Background in mathematics and computer science.


Co-founder and uber data wrangler. Has worked in multiple areas of machine learning and data science (NLP, forecasting) at Stena IT. Background in mathematics.

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