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Oterlu detects and removes unwanted behavior from chats, forums and other user-generated text. We have created a sophisticated AI and analytics platform that enables you to make smart decisions on how to tackle abusive behaviour.

How it works

Capturing unwanted behavior on your platform.

Your own custom AI model

Our AI model is easy to customize to fit exactly your community and your policies. You have full control over what behaviour is acceptable and what is not on your platform.

Take targeted action

Our web tool empowers you to move from a reactive workflow to being proactive in your day-to-day work. We provide you with analytics distilled to actionable insights.

Expert consultation

Through our industry expertise from the likes of Google we provide you with expert guidance on how our service can bring the maximal benefit to your community.

Free Anti-Toxicity API

We not only want to support indie and small developers but also give anyone a chance to put our AI models to the test, sign up for our free API today!

• Behaviours: Toxicity, Profanity, NSFW, Personal Info
• Language: English
• Unlimited requests
• No rate limits

Sign up and get credentials straight away

Enterprise Solution

With our enterprise solution we develop custom AI models for your platform and its needs. You also get access to our expert consultation and web tooling.

• Access to 7+ behaviour AI models
• AI models covering all major EU / Americas languages
• Low Latency (<70ms~) 
• Unlimited Requests
• No Rate limits
• Analytics and moderation tooling

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Why your company should use Oterlu

We could go on and on about why you should use our service. But, rather we'd have you read a story from one of our customers, Recolor, on how they utilise our service.

Read Recolor's case study

Introducing our Discord moderation AI bot

Join the likes of Fatshark and Hiber and super charge your Discord moderation with our AI-technology.

Read more about it here

We empower companies to build communities where all feel welcome.

Identify and take action on behaviours such as harassment and bullying on your platform through the power of cutting edge AI.

Support Your Community

68% of online gamers state that they have experienced severe in-game harrasment in chat, and 22% of them stop playing games because of it. (ADL Free to Play 2020)

See a real life example

In this example you will see how quickly harassment evolves in an online multplayer match.

About us

An AI and social first company

We aim to make everyone feel welcome online. We combine multiple years of experience from the areas of Community Management, Trust and Safety and Machine Learning to achieve this.


Our Latest News & Updates

Oterlu is joining Reddit

Oterlu will be joining Reddit!

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Company updates

Oterlu Discord Bot milestones

We reached a few milestone with our Discord bot

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Case study

GDC Video Talk - Getting users to be more positive

Check out our GDC 2020 talk on video

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Case study

Star Stable - Getting users to be more positive

How StarStable was able to nudge users to be more positive using Oterlu tech

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New Update to OterluBot

Another update to the OterluBot AI model

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Company updates

OterluBot hits a milestone

OterluBot is now on 1000 servers and has classified 10,000,000+ messages

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GDC 2022 reducing toxicity in-game

We are presenting on how to reduce toxicity in a data driven way at GDC 2022

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Company updates

Another Milestone for our Discord Bot

OterluBot is now officially Discord verified

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How we found out our AI model didn’t like crocodiles

We let Discord users try to break our bot and we learned a lot.

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Company updates

Introducing the first ever AI moderation bot on Discord

Oterlu is today officially launching the first ever AI moderation bot on Discord

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T&S Tips: Tackling an old problem in a new way

Some quick tips on how to approach issues you usually run into in T&S work

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Company updates

Welcome Sebastian – Our new co-founder!

We are happy to officially announce that Sebastian has joined us as a co-founder

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What does toxicity look like in an online match?

Imagine playing an online game for 50 minutes where you continuously receive ...

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Company updates

Announcing our new investors

We are happy to announce that we are bringing on some further investors on ...

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Company updates

Winner – Venture Cup 2020

It’s not everyday we win 2 awards, but today was that day. Glad to have won ...

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Company updates

Winner – Wistrand Startup Star 2020

We are happy to announce that we have won Wistrand Startup Star 2020!

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Case study

Recolor: A Customer Case Study

When we first started working with Recolor, we were struck by how vibrant ...

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