About Us

We are an AI and social first company that uses the latest AI technology to give you the tools to understand and moderate your online community. This helps you improve retention of users on your platform and helps bring new users to your platform.

Our approach ensures that you are always at the cutting edge of AI technology applied to social communities. We provide a service which was developed with input from community managers, developers and business analysts. So we make sure to cater to the needs of all stakeholders when it comes to community management.


Co-founder and backender. Multiple years of experience working with machine learning and NLP at Stena IT. Background in software engineering.


CEO and co-founder. Passionate about community management, data and AI. 8 years of experience at Google as analyst and manager in Trust and Safety + Child Safety. Background in mathematics and computer science.


Co-founder. 7 years of experience working within machine learning and software development at Stena IT, several startups and most recently as a freelancer. Background in informatics and computer science.